Christina Guepting
192 pages;

They all need to accept the truth. As terrible as it might be.

This story is about a family that initially looks perfectly happy. Mum and dad, brother and sister. The father is a war veteran, while the mother is a housewife.

People around consider them being a perfect family: no scandals, nothing criminal. But one day Yulia, a sister, the main protagonist, comes home for the winter holiday season. For ten years she has remained silent, but now she has made a decision. She tells everyone at the holiday table that when she was twelve, her brother raped her. That day ruined her life. She became a recluse and only now, after consulting a psychologist, has she realized that she cannot keep silent anymore.

Yulia tells the whole truth, and from that moment on the family splits into two camps: those who do not believe her, and those who suspect that she could be telling the truth. After all, Yulia is not only slandering her brother, she is even living and sleeping with another woman. Each chapter of the book is told from the point of view of a different family member. Christina Guepting neatly and precisely describes the lives of ordinary people.

«Sis» is an acute social drama that highlights the most frightening aspects of life. The topics raised in the book are universal, and the vivid description of remote areas of the Russian North adds colour to this story.

Christina Guepting appeared as the author in 2017. She is a winner of Lyceum Award (for young authors) and was longlisted for National Bestseller Award. She writes about social problems, which appear as true stories in her program on «Silver Rain» radio station.

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