Six Days

Sergey Vereskov
256 pages;

It is impossible to sum up Six Days. For example, it is not a Bildungroman because the main character is already an adult. It is not a travel story because the moves are forced, and take place it the inner world of the characters. This is not a love story, because although the protagonist is consumed, but not by the fever of love. Young writer Sergey Vereskov has written a novel about mother, although the reader may feel, at certain points, that the book is about romance, travels, childhood and youth.

The central image of the story is an unfinished house in the middle of a grove that children have «finished» for their games: three walls are made of logs, the fourth is slightly lower and made of twigs, the window apertures have no frames, but have red curtains, and the roof has been haphazardly put together from broken pieces of slate. In a village, a boy is waiting for his grandmother who has left for the city and died in a hospital. He catches a cold and is bedridden with a fever. On the day of the funerals, he leaves his home having recovered and goes to meet his mother at the bus stop.

Years pass, and his dying mother sends him to a seaside city to sell an apartment they inherited from a distant relative. The protagonist meets a girl there who reminds him of his first love, then encounters her boyfriend who has a number of complexes and is bitterly jealous. A conflict breaks out. While this is going on, the phone in the apartment keeps ringing, but no one picks up. For six days the hospital has been trying to reach the main character to tell him that his mother has died.

Sergey Vereskov is a young Russian novelist, editor and cultural columnist. He hold a degree in Journalism from Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities. He has been writing for many prestigious media, such as ELLE, InStyle, Nozh, Novaya Gazeta, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, and others. His stories have been published in Snob and Etazhi magazines.

Sergey Vereskov lives and works in Moscow.

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