Splendour and Misery of Instagram

Daria Dontsova
320 pages;

200 000 000 total print of the author’s books

When you are about to find yourself in a «been there, done that» situation, but you equip yourself with a helmet, than you are a person of a vast life experience. Viola is constantly into something unpleasant, and a new adventure can wait her anywhere, even in the supermarket.

Having finished another draining shooting for her Instagram, Viola Tarakanova went shopping for some food. As soon as she entered the store, she run into a cleaner, who turned out to be her former classmate Elizaveta. The ladies have managed to exchange no more than a couple of words, when Elizaveta fell unconscious. Viola had to take her former classmate to the hospital, where she learned that Elizaveta is not a cleaner, but quite a wealthy lady, whose jewelries were stolen. Viola steps into (again) the investigation, but she doesn’t even guess that stolen jewelries are just a beginning, the worst is yet to come....

Daria Dontsova was born on June 7, 1952 in Moscow in the family of the famous Soviet writer Arkady Vasilyev and chief director of the Mosconcert Tamara Novatskaya.

She wrote her first book being in ICU after a cancer surgery. This was how she tried to somehow escape from the disease. Now her novels score more than 220, with total circulation of over 200 million copies! In 2009, she was listed in the Russian Book of Records as the most prolific author of detective novels (100 detectives in 10 years).

Each new book by Daria Dontsova becomes a bestseller. According to the Russian Book Chamber, Daria Dontsova invariably heads the list of Russia’s most published authors.

Winner of numerous literary awards, in 2019 a social survey called Daria Dontsova the author of the year. Her books are published in other languages, and are adopted for TV series.

In September 2016, the first children’s book by Daria Dontsova, «The Amulet of Good», was published in the series «Tales of Wonderful Valley». At the end of 2019, the series already included 9 children’s fairy tales.

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