Stalin After the War. Book One

Nikolay Starikov
416 pages;

Stalin is undoubtedly one of the greatest historical figures. However, despite the continuing interest of researchers, his biography has some almost unknown chapters. First of all — postwar period. On the scale of the challenges it is quite comparable to industrialization and is hardly less dramatic. In terms of political decisions this postwar period is far superior to all previous ones, as from now on, the USSR became a superpower, and Stalin’s actions were followed by the whole world. The world was astonished by Stalin’s «economic miracle» and Stalin’s monetary reform, Stalin’s high-rise buildings and Stalin’s culture awards.

No less intriguing his political steps were. Why did Stalin withdraw his troops from Iran and did not land in Japan? How did he act during the Berlin crisis? Why did he quarrel with Jozep Broz «Tito» and why did he «present» Rokossovsky to Poland? What are the real reasons behind the «aviators case» and how was modern aviation and rocket engineering born? How did the leader communicate with cultural figures and why did Boris Pasternak adore him?

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