Stalin After the War. Book Two

Nikolay Starikov
416 pages;

Stalin. The last four years of the leader’s life. Some consider them as «autumn of the patriarch», while others believe that it was at the turn of the 1950s when Stalin achieved the most outstanding strategic results. The second volume of the book by Nikolai Starikov sheds a new light of perspective on the events generally known, but not so widely understood. The last attempts to establish good neighborhood policy against the backdrop of Western hostility. A subtle diplomatic distraction game in Korea against the backdrop of the threat of a new world war. The production of Soviet nuclear bomb against the nuclear blackmail by the West. Desperate attempts to keep Jozep Broz «Tito» from political adventure on the background of Balkan «powder keg». Loud political processes against the background of fighting political rivals . And, of course, the mysterious death of the Master against the background of the struggle for Stalin’s legacy.

The book by the famous publicist and public figure Nikolai Starikov is an unexpected vision of the post-war, least known, Stalin’s years.

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