Tarot. A Comprehensive Guide to Fortunetelling

Nina Frolova, Constantin Lavo
604 pages;
More than 24,000 copies sold;

This book is for:

  • Those who have bought their first deck and want to get comprehensive and detailed information on how to use the cards.
  • Enthusiasts searching for organized load of information, a working guide to oracle, instead of 10 frivolous book books.

Is there something of the kind on the book market today?

Well, Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Tarot: A Comprehensive Guide (Anthony Louis) can be an alternative.

Though the truth is, there are no direct alternatives, since brief guides are too brief and simple, and comprehensive textbooks pour a lot of water and sometimes take us on a long history tour. This book is just about practice. Totally.

About the book:

  • The most comprehensive and systematic tarot textbook, really teaching you to tell fortune.
  • One big detailed organized book instead of 10 frivolous or specific books.
  • The structure of the book is designed so that the reader gradually starts to read oracle cards and tell fortune: from simple to complex through practical training tasks.
  • Card meanings conveniently arranged into tables. Easy to remember and easy to use as a reference.
  • Information for «advanced» oracle masters: numerological and Kabbalistic meanings, symbolism, compatibility of cards.
  • Without mysticism and hints: everyone can master Tarot and tell the fortune!


Felix Eldemurov, President of the Russian Tarot Club, Grandmaster of Tarot

«What will catch your eye immediately?

This is a very detailed book. It visually discusses each and every detail so important on your way to master Tarot. The authors deliberately avoid general phrases and vague definitions, and this is certainly right: every author, as a teacher, is responsible for his readers and students, and the task is to form a correct perception and understanding of the subject.

Further, a great deal of attention is paid to practice and skills of working with cards. And this is, of course, good for the authors, we often find ourselves dragged into theoretical disputes losing practice.

This book will make you learn, constantly enrich your knowledge and experience in Tarot, and follow the new and emerging frontiers of Tarot studies.»

About the authors:

Nina Frolova, Master of Tarot with about 30 years of experience. She is a lecturer at the Tarot and Oracles School of the «White Clouds» Cultural Center in Moscow, the most famous host for courses, seminars and master classes on Tarot and Oracles. Nina Frolova has been developing her own courses and seminars, she is as well a practicing psychologist and Reiki Master, author of books and articles, member of the Russian Tarot Club.

Constantin Lavo, Master of Tarot with about 20 years of experience. He is the director of the Tarot and Oracles School of the «White Clouds» Cultural Center, researcher of symbolic and predictive systems, developer of courses of lectures, seminars and workshops on Tarot and Oracles, practicing psychologist, Reiki Master, author of numerous articles, member of the Russian Taro-Club.

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