Roman Kanushkin
608 pages;

5 reasons to read:

  1. An exciting detective story with an admixture of mysticism and horror in the best traditions of the modern thrillers.
  2. Postmodern games with reality: is this maniac repeating plots from the writer’s books or is the writer recording after the maniac?
  3. A novel about a writer — a great opportunity to look into a creative laboratory and see how popular books are actually created;
  4. Vivid and accurate display of modern Russian culture and society;
  5. An honest conversation on the darkest, cruelest and most topical subjects.

The protagonist — Mykola Vasilievich Forel — is a writer who became famous after a series of thrillers about a serial maniac. The bright, dynamic and frank prose of Forel immediately won him well-deserved fame and attracted many fans to his work. However, unfortunately, not only readers became interested in the story of maniac nicknamed «Telephonist» — a real murderer appeared in the city. The criminal began to copy stories from Forel’s books, using them as scripts for his heinous crimes. It took enormous efforts the police to stop the maniac, but after some time Forel decides to continue his book series and begins to write a new book about Telephonist. Murders resume immediately after Forel sits to write a new book.

The maniac video records his crimes and makes them available online , spreading panic throughout the city. New victims appear along with new chapters, and the police don’t have the least idea how this is possible: the maniac knows the contents of the chapters and reproduces them in his crimes even before the writer has finished his book!

Who commits the crimes: a copycat or a real maniac who managed to escape the police some time ago? How does he learn the plot of chapters from the new book of the writer, although it has not even been published yet? Perhaps Forel in this case is not at all an accidental victim of circumstances ...

Roman Kanushkin’s new book, Telephonist, is a dark, harsh, addictive story that easily competes with the best Scandinavian thrillers for the right to deprive you of a good night’s sleep. Kanushkin’s style is characterized by high erudition, true intelligence and innovative thinking, which earned his work many faithful fans.

Roman Kanushkin is a Moscow author of numerous thrillers and a script writer. Among his works — a mystical thriller «Children of Robinson Crusoe» and a popularly accepted and critically acclaimed fantasy cycle «Moscow Canal». Film rights to «Telephonist» have been sold to Production company SREDA.

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