The Miracle Stone of Mayurmi

Darya Dontsova
112 pages;
Tales of the Magic Valley;

Darya Dontsova is a famous Russian writer and the country’s main optimist, who now also writes books for children. In the new series, entitled Tales of the Magic Valley, the writer presents pet animals as the protagonists of her stories.

Kapitolina (Kapa) the Pug, the best jeweler in the Magic Valley, stops by the library where her friend Fenya is busy writing her next book. Kapa sees a box with a stunningly beautiful crystal on her table, and cannot believe her eyes! It’s the miracle stone of Mayurmi! This stone appears in stories and myths of the Beautiful Valley. When Fenya leaves the library, Kapitolina takes the stone to look at it closer... until the Envious Eyes Bird flies up to it and steals the crystal. Now Kapa and her friends have to find the Mayurmi Stone and return it, at any cost. It really is a challenging task! Kapitolina and all her fellow travelers have to find answers to some very difficult questions. How do you conquer envy? Can you judge a book by its cover? What is better in competitions: to win or to lose? In the end, who should Mayurmi belong to? Who is worthy of owning the stone and will never want to help anyone who harbors envy?

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