The Origin

Anton Bilzho
256 pages;

This novel by film director («Dream Fish», «Ambivalence» and others) and script writer Anton Bilzho is reminiscent of Twin Peaks, a famous psychological and mystic epic novel by David Lynch. Lines of the characters are branching forth from the stem, and the reader is to retrace each of them to that stem to understand the idea and find the core.

Archangelsk, a «city of archangels», has never been so mysterious in any work of literature, and its residents have never before been as close to the borderline separating good and evil...

Micheal lost his memory in a terrible road accident. When he finally regains his senses, he learns that he was married, wanted to become a vet, and that he had a son... his life slowly gets back to normal, but then, as if out of nowhere, there appears Maria who tells him that she was his lover...

Micheal and Maria used to be scientists inventing a 3D printer for livestock business. They secretly used it for creating living copies of Micheal — Rafael, Gabriel, Barachiel, Uriel — living their separate lives as people who lost memory. Life lines of the «archangels» are meeting and again going apart throughout the novel. But who was actually the initial point of this devil company, whose line is the origin?

Anton Bilzho is an independent film director who has shot many short films which are popular among millennials. His full length films «Dream Fish» and «Ambivalence» research the nature of neurotic love. «The Origin» is the author’s second novel.

This is a very responsibly written novel with the most serious of intentions. From the very first pages we clearly see that the author actually has something to say. This is a very rare quality in our time.
Lev Rubinstein, poet, writer, winner of the NOS Literary Award (New Literary Award) 2012

Anton Bilzho, one of the most interesting film directors of the 40+ generation, has called his new novel «The Origin». The name precisely captures the feeling you get while reading the book. Like an experienced guide, the writer takes us through the thick plot with its intricate branching of subplots, where reality is artfully combined with imagination, and the characters’ fates bring them together and cause them to drift apart.
Igor Irtenyev, poet

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