The Silence of the Liver

Sergey Vyalov
256 pages;

If you want to get an answer to the question: «How does this work?» or if you already have problems with your liver, this book will replace 200 books on alternative or conservative medicine, which pay almost no attention to the problem of how liver diseases initially appear. Doctor Vyalov:

  • will share dozens of unknown facts about how your liver works,
  • will help you deal with serious problems that affect our bodies.

This new understanding will help readers restore their impaired liver function, improve cholesterol level and liver function tests, reduce the effects of «weekends over a glass», cure hepatitis, improve the quality of bile, get rid of parasites, and even increase your potency and increase the level of sex hormones in your body. Most importantly, you will be able to protect and restore your liver!

The first part of the book will describe the key notions behind the structure and function of your liver. In the second part, we will talk about the functioning of the liver during illnesses, study the mechanisms for disease development and discover ways to undo the damage. The third part of the book is a practical guide on checking the health of your liver, controlling its functions and diagnosing diseases. The fourth part is dedicated to a review of methods to restore the liver function and treat various conditions that affect the liver. The book indicates precisely what each method is for, and you will be able to select the most effective approach to treating your liver problems. The author presents an easy-to-read review of research on methods of treating the liver and various medications.

Sergey Vyalov, M.D., Ph.D., is a gastroenterologist and hepatologist, who ranks 12th in the Comcon research rating among expert physicians. He is an active member of AGA, UEG, EASL and participates in the European and American UEGW and DDW Congresses. He is the head of federal educational programs for physicians, author of the international course in Clinical Gastroenterology, author of the popular education course A Few Simple Rules for Your Digestion, and host of the patient program entitled Questions That Bug You, where every patient can get a free answer to his or her questions.

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