Time Killers. Search and Destroy

Alexander Friedman
272 pages;

Alexander Friedman is a Latvia based expert in regular management, international consultant and business—coach with 26 years of experience. His books are appreciated by quite different target audience — from top managers to employees — for their absolute straightforwardness, vivid examples and clear instructions.

«Time Killers» is not an exception.

No empty talk!

Time and energy are priceless.

Theory of Constraints — identify what is standing on your way to achieving your goal.

Save your time, the time of your employees and the company recourses.

It is not about time management, it is about your culture of making business working and profitable.

Identify bugs and time-eaters in your management system and get rid of them.

The leader is the «drum» setting working beat for employees and organization as a whole. Time and energy are priceless in management (and in life as a whole) and therefore it is necessary to be able to concentrate on what would bring the maximum profit to the business. How to set up the control system to get the desired results consistently?

Adapting «Theory of Constraints» by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, and supporting it with his own methods of regulatory management and execution culture, Alexander Fridman gives clear instructions on how a leader could «rewire» natural, but harmful managing habits.

Implementing this professional approach will make you a stronger manager and a leader of a more effective team.

You will be able to eliminate the causes leading to the waste of time and will increase your employees’ productivity.

The material is a clear and concise guide on the use of company resources.

The instructions are supported with clear explanations of how different parts of the brain function in a particular situation.

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