Troll Peak

Una Hart
352 pages;

She’ll stop at nothing to find her missing mother. But is she ready to discover the truth about her family?

The Troll Peak novel opens a new fantasy series for young adults.

A teenage girl Grace is looking for her mother who had mysteriously disappeared right from the board of a plane. Grace is now staying with her aunt who leaves home every night, wearing an evening dress and a pair of red shoes. Where is she heading? And why does she live in a lonely house in the forest and never invites guests over?

An exciting fantasy novel filled with family secrets and mystery. Closed doors that must be opened, mysterious creatures that must be met, and magical riddles that must be solved.

Grace is ready for everything to find her mother. But is she ready to discover what is hidden behind locked doors?

Una Hart is Cosmopolitan Russia editor, translator who has her own telegram channel about mythology and fairy tales. The author’s translation of the ballad from the Old Norwegian language was included in Troll Peak. Una Hart (already under her real name) is also the author of non-fiction book about depression.

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