We, the Gods

Oleg Roy
384 pages;

Harry Fisher, a genius mastermind, accompanied by other successful, rich and famous people, sets off on a cruise around the Caribbean. These people have everything they could ask for: power, wealth, and fame. Any of their whims are immediately fulfilled.

But they thirst for more. Fisher’s ambitions are monstrous — he sees himself and his friends as immortal gods, and the rest of the world as their servants. But something goes wrong with his plans: as a result of his grandiose project Harry Fisher causes a terrible pandemic that cannot be stopped. Millions of people die, not even having time to contemplate the reason behind the illness and death .

Neither money, nor power can help the would-be Gods; not even their newly invented immortality is of any value given the disaster unfolding around them.

They wanted to be gods, and so they became gods.

But what’s the point of being gods of those who are dead or dying?

Will they be able to save at least a shred of humankind, or is everyone doomed to die?

Can this deadly genie be put back into his bottle?

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