Электронная книга «Love yourself tender. A book about self-appreciation and self-care»


О книге

"Love yourself tender” is a book for people who choose themselves first. For those who have long ignored their wishes or did not understand them; who have restrained emotions; who have refused to accept their bodies, and who never knew what it is like to celebrate your uniqueness; for those who have decided today that from now on they will become their own best friends.

Tenderness to yourself is not a result of a strong-willed decision or a promise once given to yourself – it is always a journey. If you are ready to explore your own “can not’s,” “does not want’s” and “will not do’s” with friendly curiosity; if you want to go where you would like to go instead of going with the flow or against it – let this book be your guide.

You can open “Love yourself tender” on any page and feel like your shoulders relax, it becomes easier to breathe, and your mind clears.

And tenderness to yourself - like a warm wave - will fill you up to the brim.

349 ₽


ISBN: 978-5-04-184687-9
Возрастное ограничение: 16+
Дата выхода: 11.04.2023
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